I’m not bloody Indian!

Before I start off on my rant, I apologize deeply if anyone who is of Indian (India) descent is offended. If anyone else of Aboriginal descent is offended, I apologize deeply as well. This is just something that is pissing me off too much…

As a First Nations woman, I’m getting fucking tired of being called an “Indian.” I’m tired of my ancestors being referred to as “Indian.” I’m tired of my people being told they live on “Indian” reserves.


My people are Aboriginal! First Nations! Native American! Not fucking Indian!

Did my people build the Taj Mahal? NO! Were my ancestors from New Dehli? Or Mumbai? NO! Are they represented by fucking Ghandi? FUCK NO!

My people underwent suppression for centuries by the British, Canadians, and Americans! We are the first people who were on NORTH AMERICA! Yet you still call us “Indian” because of what some misguided conquistador prick thought we were HUNDREDS OF YEARS AGO?!

It’s fucking 2015, and we still have the Ministry of Indian Affairs?! FUCKING COME ON!

My people were forced onto reservations. Forced onto almost third world land. We were forced to attend Residential Schools, and we were forced to learn and “accept” Christian values!

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