Roy Cropper dips his nob in Tanya’s beans

IDMYGD Radio Show Blog Recap Monday 6/10-Roy Cropper dips his nob in Tanya’s beans.

This episode highlights include comedian Kevin Gootee and Tanya’s auto corrected Facebook post that directed to a page about Roy Cropper putting his nob into people’s beans. 

Roy Cropper

Roy Cropper

This was the first IDMYGD episode I’ve ever missed (due to a personal matter) so Tim and John filled in for me, thanks guys!

They started off a bit rocky with some technical difficulties including not being able to get our guest comedian Kevin Gootee on the line (and not knowing his name).  They got through it by playing some sound bites and complaining that there were no boobies in the Game of Thrones finale.

John started by effing off the guy who was way too serious at a charity kickball game yelling at people to play their positions and “cover the gaps”.  He got all the cancerous kids out by throwing a tether ball at them.  John did admit the kids seemed stronger for the experience.

Finally, comedian Kevin Gootee was able to call in.  

They read an EFF OFF from our message board titled “Stop bringing your girlfriend to everything!” which you can read HERE.

The consensus was that that 1 dude who brings his girlfriend to guys night should stop it.  Kevin suggested that if he does it again, they should make her draw a name out of a fish bowl and blow that guy while her boyfriend watches.

On the next EFF OFF, Tim learned what GTFO meant.

Tanya then called in with an EFF OFF to Facebook.  She made some bad bean soup the other day and wanted to post a dinner fail on FB so nobody else would use the recipe.  However, it auto corrected and linked to a page titled “Roy Cropper is a bad man who rubs his nob in people’s beans”.  John and Tim agreed it was much more interesting cause they would not have clicked on her original bean post but the dick in the beans would have peaked their interest.  Then, people kept trying to tell her to remove the post and she was pissed at them for trying to censor her even though it was an erroneous post to begin with.

They finished up with some more EFF OFFS from the message board and comedian Kevin Gootee’s own EFF OFFS.  And Tim warns not to eat the riblets at Applebees.  See, we do save lives.

See ya next week!


I love you all,


Dave Arena
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