Fuck Sears!

I started at Sears a little more than a month ago and let me start off by saying the rumors about the company going down the shitter are true. The entire store is understaffed, customers are constantly complaining about not being attended because everyone is swamped at the registers, and the management has their heads shoved so far up each others asses that they can’t even smell how bad their shit stinks. Next time you walk though a Sears take a look at the registers. There aren’t too many to begin with and the majority of them will be empty even on the busiest days of the week. The boys department in mine has never been used, they don’t even bother turning them on half of the time.

And now for the credit cards. As you may or may not know the sole purpose of Sears is to make sure you get one of their credit cards. We have to get a certain amount every day or else our bosses start talking shit about us. Basically how it works is for every $1000 sold you have to get one credit card. Now that may not sound bad but what happens when someone buys $500 worth of items? Well your shit out of luck because you now have less opportunities to get a credit card and be positive. And someone buys AT LEAST $500 at once every day. Usually more. So far I’m negative 22 credit applications. I ask every customer, twice. I make shit up, lie, offer them discounts that I shouldn’t, and trick people into getting in but I still come out negative. I get at most 3 a day but my fucking co-workers who come in with their low cut shirts and push up bras always get 5+ a day. I can’t flirt with the fat horny Cuban men who haven’t even seen their wives dried up wrinkly pussy in years, and because of that I’m getting fucked over.

My boss is the biggest cunt as well. She constantly talk behind my back, treats me like I’m a bumbling idiot, and I’ve never heard her speak without that stupid sarcastic tone in her voice. She tells everyone how I’m lazy, but I’m the only god damn one who actually tries to help the customers. Everyone runs down stairs or hides in the in the back folding clothes. She says I’m not working hard enough to get credits, even though I’ve asked ever single fucking customer I’ve rung up. And she doesn’t even want me at the fucking store. The only reason I’m working in this shit hole is because HER boss liked me. She at least realizes I’m one of the fastest on the register (BECAUSE I CAN FUCKING READ WHAT IT’S SAYING) with the exception of red head but I replaced her on the floor, she does stock now.

And on top of it all, no one in my department speaks English except for me. Nothing against them but it’s a little frustrating. My co-workers are a decent bunch of people. Except for you candyass, and my boss.

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  1. John says

    Everything you said is true. I swear to you its like you copied & pasted my story, this very experience i had with sears. The only difference is my boss is a male & he's the snobbiest most arrogant son of a bitch you'll ever meet in your life. Fuck this dwindling empire to hell, i sure hope as fuck they fall to the ground at the mercy of no one. Fuck Sears & their god damn money-hungry management. They brush under the rug all racism, sexism & flirting that goes on but are condescending toward the real honest workers like you and i. All they care about are PA's & Credit cards, if you don't meet their unrealistic standards then you are automatically the black sheep. What a crock of a shit of a business! All these managers are managers over there in the 1st place because they are uneducated scum who didn't aim higher in life. Middle class average joe retail managers are the last people who should speak because at the end of the day they are nothing but losers.

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