EP1: We are not a live show anymore [Podcast]

4/9/15-This is the first episode of a podcast that we’ve done over 150 times. The old format was on Blog Talk radio as a live show but we have decided to get some fancy new equipment and make it sound all nice and polished up. We are like Madonna, constantly reinventing ourselves. So we hope you enjoy the new podcast!

You can listen to the entire episode HERE:

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So what was everyone bitching about this week?  What did we need to get off our chests?

My co-host John Wellington didn’t need to get the rejection letter from the pre-pre school, they knew their boy wasn’t making the cut before they left the building.  They observed Bo for quite a while behind two way mirrored glass and he wasn’t up to par with the other kids.  John threw his wife Amanda under the bus blaming her because she didn’t give him a nap or a snack before they left the house.  What kind of Mother doesn’t properly prepare her child for such an important moment in his life?  Well, at least there’s always Kid’s Warehouse which seems a little more Bo’s speed.  He can play with a box all day and be happy.  Wherever little Bo ends up, remember it’s where he should be.  The universe works in mysterious ways.

Here’s a question we pondered.  Would you rather be the best oboist in the world or just an average guitar player? I say you pick up that oboe and play the shit out of it all the way to the top. Don’t settle for mediocre.  Of course, if you do choose the oboe, you can’t really afford to not be the best. I mean being a so-so oboist is really shitty.

A few EFF OFFS left on our blog struck a nerve with us.  For me personally, it was someone complaining about an Uber driver not knowing where the hell he was going.  Anybody who accepts money to provide transportation should know where they are going.  I shouldn’t have to tell you, so don’t ask me.  Everyone can get GPS nowadays, use it!

Also, people making out in public.  I don’t want to see it.  I don’t know why but I always feel like you are trying to prove to everyone how much in love you are.  You’ll never last.  I want to be there when you break up and I’ll show you how much “in love” you were when I replay the video I took of you making out at the bus stop.  Ah, remember when you guys were so in love you couldn’t wait until you were alone to swap spit???  Where is she now?

My other co-host Tim Cornett got all frazzled when an EFF OFF came in about a bad hair cut.  It brought back up a lot of ill feelings toward Armenian bitches who fuck up hair.  All Armenian bitches Tim? Apparently so.

We also had an EFF OFF to death which was a great way to end this week’s podcast.

Please listen to the entire episode and make sure you post your EFF OFFS on our BLOG and we may discuss it on the next podcast.

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We love you all!

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