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Responses should be no longer than 5 minutes and MAKE SURE YOU SAY THE EFF OFF TITLE. We may use your responses on our podcast, website and/or social media. Please include your name, website and social media accounts so our listeners can follow you. You can participate as often as you like and could become a regular!

Previous contributors include…

  • Jimmy Shubert (Comedy Central Presents, HBO, King of Queens, Entourage)
  • Tammy Pescatelli (Last Comic Standing, Comedy Central, VH-1, E!)
  • Karen Rontowski (The Late Show with David Letterman, Comedy Central)
  • BJ Mendelson (Author of Social Media is Bullshit, CNN, CNBC, Huffington Post)
  • Perfect 10 Podcast (with Lahna Turner & Ralphie May)
  • Josh Rabinowitz (Comedy Central, MTV)
  • Harris Stanton (Opened for Patrice Oneal: The Elephant in the Room)
  • Victoria Love (Adult Film Star)
  • And Many More!

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