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For the past couple of months I've had driving lessons with this prick. He was great in the start and for the whole duration until the past two lessons. He made me improve and feel more confident in doing difficult tasks and taught me what is expected of me in … [Read More...]

Wtf is wrong with people?

So I'm waiting for my train and some asshole tells me I shouldn't look so mean and to smile. Are you fucking serious? Where do people get the courage to tell me what to do with my own damn face. I'm not going to smile just because you command me to. If you … [Read More...]

Why are girls such hypocrites?

Why is every man supposed to have a six-pack like it comes free with being a man?Meanwhile chicks are never expected to work out or anything by guys to "look good". I don't get it, is that what media nowadays teaches girls? That every guy who doesn't have … [Read More...]

The Subway I work at

I used to manage a Subway, but when I got a better job, I quit being a manager and now just work 6-12 hours a day. We have a new general manager, a new store manager, and: woah. Where to start?Two months ago an employee who is 17 was struck by the … [Read More...]

Speedos in America

I don't understand why people are so hyper sensitive to showing skin in America. The other day I was at swim practice and I had to get something out of my car, so I went out in my speedo because I didn't want to waste time getting dressed. When I was outside I … [Read More...]

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