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Speedos in America

I don't understand why people are so hyper sensitive to showing skin in America. The other day I was at swim practice and I had to get something out of my car, so I went out in my speedo because I didn't want to waste time getting dressed. When I was outside I … [Read More...]

Is Photobombing mean?

This past weekend I photobombed a group of 4 60ish-year-old guys at a football game. I was in the background of their shot - picking my nose and making a face - on purpose. They didnt realize at first and sent it to someone, who then must have seen me and … [Read More...]

Oh slut in law, I hate you!

You claim you're going to finish school to be a drug addiction counselor? You're dating a pot head and you post nudes and partial pics of your tits on Facebook!!You say all we do is play video games? Sweetheart, I have my degree from a UNIVERSITY and so … [Read More...]

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