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Fifty Shades of RAGE

Never before I have never been so annoyed by a flood of posts about anything on social media. Why is this such a big thing? Every asshole and their moms are posting some lame content about that abomination of a movie just to belong to the group of people who … [Read More...]

“You know thats bad for you right?”

You know that saying this shit to a person just because they have a cigarette in their hand is rude right?Congratulations, you have told me something that I have probably read like hundreds of times on the side of the boxes of cigarettes I buy and … [Read More...]

50 shades of grey sluts.

Fuck all you stupid slutty girls reading this 50 shades of grey shit, then turning around and calling guys perverts and pigs. I don't care if it's some shitty written book. You fucking sluts like to live in your fantasy like that can be real life. I bet some … [Read More...]

This is a Pharmacy, Not a McDonald’s.

I'm a Pharmacy tech at a retail chain I won't name but it really doesn't matter because it's like this everywhere. People need to realize that a Pharmacy is not a fucking fast food restaurant. We may have drive-thrus, but prescription medicine is not the same … [Read More...]

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