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Jaywalking ticket $238 dollars!?!

To the cop that gave me that ticket for "being in the crosswalk when the red light was on" - fuck you. There was no car close to me and you're a tremendous asshole. You're a fucking stooge and a thief working for the city. I would have preferred that you used … [Read More...]

Rant about my girlfriend’s nephew.

He's young. Let's say six.He was born well before the mother was ready. She doesn't seem like she had very many aspirations, but she may have been able to achieve more than where she's at now. The father is a piece of human trash. His mother abandoned him … [Read More...]

The Customer is Always an Asshole

Fuck you to the woman who came to my checkstand twice tonight and greeted me both times by tossing things at me and asking how much each item was. You're right, bitch, it would have been unnecessary and stupid to say Hello to me or look at the price tags … [Read More...]

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