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Featured EFF OFF

Featured EFF OFF


I’m not bloody Indian!

Before I start off on my rant, I apologize deeply if anyone who is of Indian (India) descent is offended. If anyone else of Aboriginal descent is offended, I … [Read More...]


Last time I give money to a homeless guy

Long story short, I'm entering burger king, homeless approaches me and asks me for some money, I tell him after I buy food I will give him the change. I come out and hand him a $5 bill, seconds later another homeless guy approaches me and asks if he can have … [Read More...]


Why is it that girly drinks are full of fruit and flavour and such when mainly drinks taste like piss or bleach or piss + bleach. Like there is a drink called a slippery nipple, that sounds delicious then there is a beer company called "bitter". I don't know … [Read More...]

Grocery store self checkout

Look people, the self checkout lanes are there for quick purchases. If you don't know how to use them don't go to them, or have more items that can fit in a couple bags, Use a teller lane!! Swiping the item over the scanner five times isn't going to Change … [Read More...]

Fancy climate control on cars

New cars have this "feature" that allows you to set your desired temperature and the car will automatically adjust it's air conditioning to meet that setting. However, this is that way it usually goes: You want to heat the car up to 74 degrees, and punch in … [Read More...]

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