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Featured EFF OFF


I’m not bloody Indian!

Before I start off on my rant, I apologize deeply if anyone who is of Indian (India) descent is offended. If anyone else of Aboriginal descent is offended, I … [Read More...]


Pizza Delivery in the Modern Age

To preface, I've worked for several places offering pizza and/or delivery; from mom and pop shops to the big boys. In no way do I begrudge the dough slappers, box jockeys, or lead foots. So, tonight I didn't feel like cooking and wanted to order a … [Read More...]


Your Jeep? Does not go there. Your station wagon? Nope, definitely not small. Your minivan? Lol fucking NOPE This one might be tricky but, mid-sized sedan? No. Still no. Mid means medium, so not small by definition. Sign clearly reads, "SMALL CARS … [Read More...]

I invited YOU for a coffee, not you AND your dog

And then she got pissed because I don't want her dog in my car. For fucks sake people, quit forcing your animals presence on people who don't wish to have animals present at that time. LEAVE YOUR ANIMALS AT HOME! You can survive for a few hours being apart … [Read More...]

Too fat to work….really?

Ok so before I continue I understand some people may have conditions that prevents them from losing weight safely, but other people have no excuse. I just read an article about a lady who is classified as too fat to work. How the hell do you even get to … [Read More...]

“Artists” on Instagram and other social networks

This is probably kind of stupid of me to get annoyed about but I'm sick of seeing shitty anime fan art clogging up the hashtags no matter how obscure you make them. Most of the time not even well done. I just don't understand the mentality to share your shitty … [Read More...]

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