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Sex Ed in America

I seriously wonder about sex ed in this country sometimes. Like, I asked my dad what he thought the goal of it was, and he just kinda looked at me in horror and asked if it was a trick question. People claim that it’s supposed to educate teens about safe sex … [Read More...]

Good old fashioned in-law battle

So the Mrs. gets a call late last evening from her step-father, telling her that her mother is in the hospital. Everything is fine -- she'd just had some stomach pain, and wanted to get things checked out. But she had been there for several hours before anyone … [Read More...]

Annoyed Stripper

Ugh. It really gets under my skin when I am busting my ass at work on stage and I'm met with staring. Yes it happens but what makes me the most mad is when I do these amazing pole tricks, flips and all these impressive things and people stare like : "OMG that … [Read More...]

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