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“Vicious Dogs”

Wow, just wow. I just sat through a little barking match between two dogs. If anyone here has a dog you should know that most of the time when a dog barks at another dog WITHOUT their hair standing on end, then the dogs just want to play. Ok, so one of these … [Read More...]

Tired of immigrants who cannot speak English.

Especially those who don't want to learn. Especially those in customer service or the health care industry. WHO the fuck hired you?!?! wtf. I need to understand you. The language barrier is a major block to integration. No "good morning", "sorry", "how are you … [Read More...]

To my mostly awesome significant other FUCK YOU!

So this is simple yet infuriating. Long ago I retired my gaming life. Between work and two girls who the fuck was thinking about gaming. I never complained about mall trips...tampon visits to the store...blood overflowing my toilet. I never bitched about prom … [Read More...]

To my neighbors…

You guys know who you are. I know its quickly coming up to the second year since you guys have moved into the neighbourhood. But since that day, your child has been screaming and or crying their head off to the point where I naturally or instinctively question … [Read More...]

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