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Featured EFF OFF

Featured EFF OFF


I’m not bloody Indian!

Before I start off on my rant, I apologize deeply if anyone who is of Indian (India) descent is offended. If anyone else of Aboriginal descent is offended, I … [Read More...]



Coffee should have its name changed to Flavored Enema because it's literally the same fucking thing. Why the fuck does this kind of thing keep happening? It's like ice cream with 52 flavors, except one will actually make your stomach churn to a halt until the … [Read More...]

The Greyhound station in Cleveland is terrible!

First of all, the person who serves food at the counter is rude af, secondly the restroom smells like the ghost of a thousand unwashed butts, but the worst part is that not one but TWO panhandlers went around hassling people for money in the station while I … [Read More...]

Fuck cooking at other people’s homes

"Hey man you're so good at cooking why don't you come over and cook some shit for us?" I hate when this happens because I don't have the heart to tell them that I fucking hate cooking at a non cooking person's house. Well I made that mistake for the last … [Read More...]

Fuck the food industry.

I'm tired of all these shake n' bake products. They taste like shit (and if you think they don't you're either weird or don't know any better), they're bland and always result in bad texture. They discourage interest in what you eat, and they're rarely … [Read More...]

I fucking told you it wasn’t working right!

So for 5 years now I have told my husband that the plumbing in the sink area was done wrong. The dishwasher would empty into the sink and the garbage disposal would empty into the dishwasher. There was always standing dirty water and terrible stains on the … [Read More...]

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