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Featured EFF OFF

Featured EFF OFF


I’m not bloody Indian!

Before I start off on my rant, I apologize deeply if anyone who is of Indian (India) descent is offended. If anyone else of Aboriginal descent is offended, I … [Read More...]


I really hate the 90s fashion revival

I'm talking about the dark color lip stick, the dark lenses circle glasses, and the plaid sweater tied around your waist. This is primarily with girls. I find that style super unattractive and downright annoying. I feel like its prominent with hipsters but the … [Read More...]

Stupid ass curtain won’t stay shut

I have black curtains in my bedroom because I'm really sensitive to sunlight and I have frequent migraines. Curtains are always closed unless I have the fan in the window; right now, the fans not near the window. But the pieces of shit won't stay closed, I … [Read More...]

Curvy is not beautiful!

To all the people posting pictures on The internet of a fat girl next to a skinny girl and saying I think she's beautiful pointing to the fat one your encouraging an unhealthy lifestyle. Neither fat people nor skinny people are in good health they are both … [Read More...]

Old dogs

So my step son's mother is staying with me and she has a pug. She has been here for about 2 months because we are helping her find a apartment. The pug is old and all he does is pee and shit everywhere. I have carpet in most rooms and I have 10 month old twins … [Read More...]

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